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Auction Results LLC History

Our seed company, Unique Auctioneer, was founded in 2006 at beautiful Ocean Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico as a sole proprietor bilingual auctioneering firm working with Caribbean Manheim Auto Auctions, 1st Bank, BBVA, The Puerto Rican Justice Department and Sterling Auctioneers of the Dominican Republic.  Our contract bilingual auctioneers sold billions in raw land, vacation properties, hotels, commercial real estate, autos, yachts and property.

In 2008 Unique Auctioneering headquarters moved to New York City and opened The Manhattan Auction House, an eco friendly NYCDCA licensed and bonded auction house based in the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 74th Street and York (two blocks from Sotheby’s Headquarters).  From modest origins our World Wide College of Auctioneering Certified Bilingual Auction Specialists set the world’s standard for premium bilingual auctioneer services.

Because of repeated success from our organic marketing campaigns, in 2009 The Manhattan Auction House opened several Manhattan Auctions’ divisions including:

  • Manhattan Auctioneers
    • Contract Bilingual Auctioneers
    • Auction Consultants
  • Manhattan Art Auctions
    • Fine Art Auctions
    • Estate Artwork
    • Artist Representation
  • Manhattan Real Estate Auctions
    • Residential
    • Vacation
    • Commercial
  • Manhattan Auto Auctions
    • NYC Auto Auction
    • Bank Repos
  • Manhattan Luxury Auctions
    • Designer Brands
    • Rare and Exceptional Property

We experienced similar repeat success with the application of our organic campaigns.  Over the years we dubbed the equation and expanded our market to include not just New York City and Puerto Rico, but additional verticals in desirable locations such as Hawaii, Alaska, Missouri, Colorado and regions around the world.  We outgrew our sole proprietor model and in 2012 the formal umbrella corporation for our international auction network was conceived at the Certified Auctioneers Institute in Bloomington Indiana.  Here generations of CAI Auctioneers honed their business models to become global auction powerhouses.  Soon our formal name was proposed and first written on a napkin at a family friend’s wedding by visionary and third generation businessman, Robert Powers, dear Father and mentor of our founder, Michael R. Powers CAI, ATS, BAS.

Through generations of hard work, education and investment the Powers family established Auction Results LLC after surviving the economic downturn in North America due to the banking crisis.  In part, Manhattan Auctions and eventually Auction Results LLC, were founded to provide safe and reliable exit strategies for distressed portfolios requiring rapid disposition.  Our founder’s Grandpa, Mason Myron Powers third generation businessman, retired from Manhattan Coffee and inspired his grandson, Michael, to continue the sales tradition and establish The Manhattan Auction House D.B.A. “Manhattan Auctions”. Then Myron’s son Robert grafted our “Auction Results LLC” name, which would eventually operate Manhattan Auctions and all other divisions.  During the tragic period of financial loss we were fortunate enough to provide valuable services and aid to those whom we could assist.  Following the recovery our model evolved to maximize returns for investments ripe for sale.

Our family owned business operates on principals of honesty, integrity, loyalty, hard work and fun.  We use technology to work smarter for our clients and we ask the required difficult questions for an objective client examination to begin the process of choosing the most qualified auction specialist.  Our contract bilingual auctioneers and translators work in tandem with other auction houses, so you may not have heard of our company in the spotlight, but you have seen our staff on center stage and on the floor but didn’t even know.

In 2014 Auction Results LLC made a significant headquarters move to 100 Park Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10017 and today with President Michael R. Powers in leadership, the company and digital assets are an expanding business with a global presence in the digital market.  What began with our American Indian relatives and how they fairly traded with our immigrant ancestors and their dream of a better life in America generations ago, we attempt to honor our complex and rich multi cultural heritage by fairly trading and engaging others honestly.

Auction Results LLC has a commitment to the community and the environment to protect and preserve by promoting education and green business growth with the auction platform.  Auction Results LLC, like The Manhattan Auction House, is an environmentally conscious corporation.  We email receipts, use technology to lower our carbon footprint, use renewable resources when available and attempt to minimize our negative impact on the earth through education awareness, auction recycling programs and integrating “reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat” as part of the planning process.

Our silent auction clipboards are made from recycled materials, our pens are made from recycled materials, our filing cabinets and chairs are recycled, we limit our use of new paper products much as possible, much of any paper used was discarded and repurposed from estates (which we also offer recycling for estate clean-outs). We recycle our old computers and reuse bidder paddles when possible.  We donate estate inventory to local charities who reuse and repurpose when appropriate.

We also chose Mohawk Paper for our business cards in support of their, “long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability, Mohawk became the only paper mill and one of the first large-scale production facilities in the United States to offset emissions from electric power generation with the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) issued by wind farms. This commitment to wind-power is part of a series of voluntary efforts over time that also include reducing natural gas and electrical consumption, capping air emissions, reducing water usage by almost half, and converting our fleet of trucks to a biodiesel fuel mix.”

After a process of consolidation and redesign, Auction Results LLC now offers a diverse palette of highly regarded auction houses and specialty services, perfectly adapted for today’s clients.  Reflecting our growing international commitment, which includes sales in Latin America, Europe, North America and Asia,

Today the fourth generation Powers is leading Auction Results LLC, honoring our rich history while engaging the future.  We welcome the process of reinvention as we face the radically changing digital landscape.  While Auction Results LLC still provides elite international bilingual auctioneers for premier auction houses, we are driving to be an essential supplier of tailored auction services.  Through research, experience and consulting, we implement platforms demonstrating the power of the auction method of digital marketing by connecting sellers to target markets.