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Auction Results Creative Writing Intern Program

Creative Writing Internship

Auction Results LLC

Orientation:  Welcome to the family.  We hope you enjoy your stay.  Our family operated international auction house is a technology machine which runs on premium grade content.  Here we serve a variety of important needs for the public including downsizing, life changing events, fundraising for cures, the sale of businesses, homes, memories while guiding others to the next step in their path.  We are in the business of helping others and it feels great when we do our job well.  The Creative Writing Intern will be responsible for helping Auction Results compose searchable digital content for a variety of fun topics that include art, music, fiestas, beaches, islands, real estate, estates, personal property, desirable products, exclusive experiences, celebrity charity events, gold, jewelry, cars, boats, travel, antiques,.. We sell everything legal on planet earth so the chances are if it is legal, you can write about it here in our happy place.

Requirements:  Must be well written in English or Spanish and committed to producing at least two quality articles per week.

Education:  High School/College/University Students and Graduates preferred

Job Description:  Use WordPress to create two original posts per week of over 800 words with at least one (or more) royalty free use pieces of visual content.  Regular posts composed on mutually approved subjects.

Duration: The Internship lasts 3 months to 2 years depending on the mutual fit.  You choose your time commitment.

Duties:  Research and or compose engaging articles on a regular basis.  Eventually articles may involve actual live auction events and inventory if the Intern shows ability and interest.

Direction:  After one on one consultations with management, your monthly schedule with multiple topic choices will be approved.  Interns can submit topics of interest and a list will be developed based on their passion and relevant experience.

Pre-Approved Topics:  (Including but not limited to): Antiques, art, auctions, auctioneers, beauty contests, charity events, celebrity fundraising, classic cars, collectibles, designer labels, expensive brands, fashion, gold, hotels, instruments, islands, jewelry, kitchen supply, liquidations, memorabilia, music, numismatics, original, professional services, quality products, real estate, software, technology, unique items, VIP experiences, watches, World War trophies, xylophones, yachts, and zoos.  We want happy writers who want to write about subjects that excite them.

Compensation:  This is a non paid internship.  However, if substantial leads are generated from an individual’s performance, financial renumeration may be appropriate.  If 2 quality articles are regularly produced without major editorial changes, additional weekly articles may also be considered on a paid basis after the first two articles are approved and published.  Depending on length, impact, and quality, additional articles could pay from $10-$40 USD.

Accelerated Study:  If an Intern shows exceptional skill and performance additional paid tasks may be offered to best fit each individual’s abilities, interests and financial goals.

Intellectual Property:  Auction Results LLC will hold the exclusive rights to all content (and Intellectual Property) created during your internship or employment.  Interns and contractors provide content which Auction Results LLC then owns exclusively.

Pen Names or D.B.A. (Doing Business As):  Our Creative Writers may use their own name, a fictitious pen name, or their legal D.B.A. as long as we have a record of their filing.  You can write as yourself, as an anonymous person, or as a representative in association with your organization.  Auction Results LLC reserves the rights to amend, remove, update, edit and delete depending upon need.  Generally, we archive posts, do little after publishing changes, and rarely edit authorship links.  We are happy to share credit with those who did the work if you so choose.  In the event Auction Results need to make any changes, we reserve all rights to do so at our discretion.

Work Environment:  Satellite Creative Writing Interns will work remotely.  The online work environment will be WordPress.  If you need assistance with your work environment please contact your assigned mentor via email.  Creative Writing Interns based in New York City may use our office space at 100 Park Avenue M-F 9-5 EST on the 16th floor.  Photo Id is required and pre-scheduling with the front desk is required for first time entry.

Work Flow:  WordPress will house the majority of our digital interactions.  Interns will have their own login and password to each website they are involved with.  Our Interns will be able to access their dashboard directly and save their drafts for review by our editor.  2 posts per week should be completed by Wednesday evening 7:00 pm EST each week.  Edits will be done Thursday and final drafts will be posted Friday.  One important goal for our Creative Writing Interns, is to eventually have each individual writing to a quality level which won’t hopefully need too many edits or revisions.

BackLinks:  We do allow and even encourage writers to place back links from our sites to your sites or other approved sites with a few simple rules.  If you link back to a website from an Auction Results LLC website, their website must also link back to the site where you created your post.  We support reciprocal links and reserve the right to delete links which are not reciprocated.

Approved Costs:  WP is open source free software.  Internet should be free at your local Starbucks or library.  You know both of these space age common sense facts or we wouldn’t have hired you as our Intern!  If you have an idea for a plugin which could benefit the company, vetted software would be an example of a cost Auction Results would cover.  If there was an on site assignment, the associated costs of transportation and entry would be reimbursable costs.  If you have ideas for an innovation or improvement please don’t keep it to yourself.  Share it in an email with your manager and not only may the cost be covered, you might receive a financial incentive for critical thinking skills which help our company.

Standards of Quality:

  • Each post must be ORIGINAL content.
  • Content can NEVER copied or republished on any site before, during, or after your Internship.  Thank you for doing your best on every article to include at least one piece of free use visual content.  Examples would be a photo you took, or a free use photo online, or a video link.
  • Each photo should be saved in a specific way to maximize SEO before uploading to WP.  Your manager will explain more about how to optimize.
  • We limit profanity in the workplace so please keep the articles clean.  It should go without saying but just the same we said it with a smile and asked please.
  • Each article should have both two internal links to the web contact page and a possible outgoing link to another website which would open in a new page.
  • Links should be tested and checked to make sure none are broken.  Thank you in advance.
  • Appropriate H1, H2, H3 tags should always be used.  Your manager can assist with your understanding of Headings.

We have special online training for WP topics such as SEO and effective writing techniques.  Performance reviews will be completed by management on a per monthly basis to determine where best to assist with your program.

Management:  After being referred by the hiring agent, you will be assessed and assigned your editing supervisor and mentor.

For New York City Creative Writing Interns, we offer local specific projects, one on one support around the workplace, and a walkthrough introduction to give the Intern a taste of what Auction Results does.

Insurance Policy:  Interns such as Creative Writing Interns, must provide their own insurance if any.  We do not provide insurance for Interns or independent contractors.

Harassment Policy:  Generally defined as “unwanted and pervasive behavior” from another associate, employee, Intern, customer or person.  Harassment and/or discrimination is not permitted at Auction Results LLC.  Immediately report any incident to your supervisor.  Please use appropriate work place behavior at all times.  Please see our full Policy here.

Interview:  You might be a permanent employee or contractor some day.  We are investing in you as a valuable human resource.  Our time and money will go into your growth and the investment won’t pay off if our efforts go into a flawed vessel.  We want to make sure you are truly motivated by your talents and not just looking for a job.  We are looking for those who naturally fit into our corporate culture.  We are seeking those with the level of experience needed in the auction field.

  1. Interns cannot displace regular employees
  2. Interns are not guaranteed a job at the end of the internship (though we may decide to hire at the conclusion of the experience)
  3. Interns are not entitled to wages during the internship
  4. Interns will receive training from your company, even if it somewhat impedes the work of your organization
  5. Interns will receive hands-on experience with equipment and processes used in your industry
  6. Interns’ training will primarily benefit the Intern, not only the company.

Requests for F-1 and J-1 visas.  Contact management directly here.

INTERNSHIP POSITION DESCRIPTION (This form will be made available to students. Please review and complete as necessary.) Position: Organization: This internship is open to the following (please check all that apply): __ High School Junior __ High School Senior __ Community College __ Technical School __ College/University Inquiry Deadline: ____________________ Address 1: Address 2: City: St: Zip: Contact: Title: Phone: Fax: Email: Website: Majors Desired: GPA Desired: We will accept the following types of students: __ Credit __ Non-Credit Is free and safe parking available? __ Yes __ No If not, do you provide reimbursement for parking? __ Yes __ No Time Preference: Compensation: When Available: __ Part Time ____ Hrs/Week ______ Per Hour __ Fall __ Full Time ______ Stipend __ Spring __ No Preference ______ Other __ Summer Job/Project Description: Experience/ Skills Desired: Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania – 11