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Logo:  We chose an American Indian Mid-Western Bald Eagle clutching double gavels to represent our World Wide Certified Bilingual Auctioneers.  It is an honor to serve clients from around the world as friends and family.  The head of the Bald Eagle integrates the A of Auction, the R of Results, and the LLC.

For the true underlying history:  As a tribute to our founder’s Forefathers,

In Thankfulness:

A. for Arthur, Grandson of Italian American immigrants, Art worked tirelessly to bring laughter and  joy to others, retired from Budweiser a beloved Great Grandfather, and from his hard earned $1,000 our first international trade company was founded in Cyprus.  His daughter is a silent partner in our family owned business and spends her time tutoring English as a second language for new citizens.

R. for Robert, of the American Airborne Division who paratrooped into D-Day, fought through Bastogne, the Arden, Battle of the Bulge, was part of the 1st American Platoon to liberate Auschwitz, parachuted into Sicily and fought through Italy.  Without his brothers in arms and comrades, he never would have survived to publish his Platoon’s hand written history of World War II.  Our founder’s Father and benefactor of the company, part Scotsman and American Indian, is named after Robert, and also named his son as a tribute to Great Uncle Bob’s commitment to others over of self.

L. for Lasting, the long term relationships we make with those around us

L.  is for Love, Heavenly, Agape and brotherly which the world needs more of

C.  is for Cheryl, who brings the love of education and God’s Work to others.