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Who We Are

Auction Results LLC is investing in the future of the auction profession.  We have a rich heritage of fair business practice going back many generations.  With our history of growth and innovation we constructed a international auction house network preparing us for the future in an industry experiencing rapid change.

We have strategically aligned ourselves with industry leaders in specialized auction fields to continue our digital expansion and serve target customers efficiently.  Together we can develop new opportunities to grow, evolve, and lead.  We collaborate with leading auction houses to forge new techniques, standards and technologies.  Auction Results LLC is expanding the boundaries of the auction industry by taking down walls.  Here we are bilingual auctioneers helping auctioneers.

Leadership, innovation, and forward thinking are visible http://jump4loves.com in everything we do at Auction Results LLC.  We agree with taking a bold stance on the environment and subsequently limit our paper use to Mohawk because they are local to New York and are the first U.S. paper mill to match 100% of its electricity with renewable wind power and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production.”

We are thinking ahead by expanding into new areas such as mass auction syndication across multiple platforms including the integration of social media and behavioral targeted marketing.  In the future of auctions, information and digital technology will increase in value.

As expedited sellers, we embrace technology leading us forward to greater profitability.  To improve the multi faceted nature of our business, we now use auction information technology to purse operational excellence in our organization.  We are making significant investments in process analysis, expedited lead forwarding, auction event software and collaborative cloud based content management systems to make it easier for customers to do business with us and ensure they get the best fit auctioneer for their products in the shortest time.  What we stand for..

Fun Facts

Ownership:  Auction Results LLC is an American family business owned by the Powers family, started by fourth generation businessman and bilingual auctioneer, Colonel Michael R. Powers ATS, BAS, CAI.

Code of Conduct:  We believe in putting others above self and in negotiating win, win, win solutions.  Read more about our code of conduct here.

Board of Directors:  The Auction Results LLC Board of Directors includes business leaders with executive experience at other publicly owned corporations and privately held firms.

Management:  Auction Results LLC’s management ensures auction expertise, strategic direction and vision to ensure growth, innovation and industry leadership

Headquarters:  Manhattan, New York

Auction Services Include:

Facilities:  Auction Results LLC operates in New York and

Number of licensed auctioneer contractors: Approximately 400